DIY - Industrial Accents


this post topic may not be a newbie, but it's a goodie for sure.
after being in our house for over a year, we decided it was high time best to start hanging up some permanent fixtures, like ... curtains. 

we both love the fancy restoration hardware look, but definitely can't afford the prices at this stage in our life. so, we figured we would diy something we felt was just as good. welcome, our industrial pipe curtain rod! simple, fast and affordable. beat that fancy stores!

if you want to try this yourself, here is what you'll need and the how too:

1. buy a piece galvanized pipe (be SURE to clean it or you'll get back oil on your hands and curtains - i learned that the hard way) in your desired length and two toggle bolts to help support the weight of the piping curtain rod
2.  you'll also need to buy the flat piece which affixes to the wall, called an iron floor flange, and the macaroni looking piece, formally called the galvanized elbow, to connect your pipe to the flange 
3. once you have washed and cleaned (and if desired, spray painted), you are now ready to start the assembly
4. start by putting your curtains on your galvanized pipe facing the correct way 
5. next holding screw all the pieces of your pipe curtain rod together
6. now hold up the assembled curtain rod (you may need an assistant) and mark your drill holes on the wall 
6. put everything down and insert your toggle bolts 
7. pick-up your piping with curtains already on, line it all up and drill, baby drill (just make sure your curtain is already arranged facing the correct direction ... we also learned that one the hard way)

creating your own curtain rod out of galvanized piping allows you the flexibility to customize your rod for any sizing you need, and allows you the ability to turn corners for a corner windows. if the industrial look isn't your thing, you can easily spray paint the whole thing before assembling it in any desired colour.

helpful hints: 

  • at your local hardware store, ask if they can cut and thread the end of the galvanized pipe in the exact length that you need. This will be safer and you'll ensure it's the extract length required. 
  • also, unless your using shower curtain hooks, once this puppy goes up, those curtains ain't easily coming down - at all. so if you like to do more than steam clean your curtains  it's something to think about before screwing it all in and having an "oh-crap" moment.

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!


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happy Canadian Thanksgiving everyone!
or as i call it,  "put on your fat pants, it's Turkey Day!!!"

there is just so dang much to be thankful for,
but most of all, i'm thankful for all of you who take some time to read this little blog.
it may not be the biggest, or the best out there in the big sea of blogs,
but it is my little hobby, my own little creative space to share with the
interwebs in the hopes that some of you find something to get excited about and 

it's grown a lot over this last year.
so thank you, thank you and yes, thank you.

The Markham Fair


a few days ago we spent the whole day at the Markham Fair! i haven't been to this particular local fair, or any fair for that matter, in years, so i made sure to enjoy a full day of animal meeting, fair food eating, live magic shows and concerts, games, rides, cooking lessons, craft shopping and fireworks watching. i love everything about going to the fair and I've decided it will now be a fall season ritual i make sure i practice every year. we happily all pigged out on Tom's donuts, lobster mac & cheese (from one of the best gourmet food trucks), and even a whole bbq turkey leg – because sometimes you just gotta, even if it looks totally barbaric. nothing beats the lights and kid like excitement you feel at a fair.
i even made a little video to share ...

itunes music  //  Circle - Fashion me a drum

just a few more pictures from our day at the fair.
Ain't he just beauttttiful.

nothing will beat fresh lemonade from a lemon shaped stand.
fall windy weather with sunshine and braids.

only the best  lobster mac & cheese for her, and bbq pulled pork for him!

i wasn't kidding about that caveman dinner time turkey leg. 

my favourite ride will always be the ferris wheel. 
you just can't beat the coloured lights and a good view.
the best ending to a perfect fall day.

what's in your gym bag?


in the summer i used to wake up with that early sunshine. now when i get up at 5am it's pitch black out, but i still hustle it out of bed (quickly so i don't wait my deep sleeping hubby) and boot it to the gym in the mornings. let's just say it's basically become my morning alarm clock. because of this preset time, i've learned that a well packed bag, and even my routine while there, needs to be well-planned and well-organized. i'm always open to tips and suggestions from one gym rat to another on useful combo's for maximizing not only your workout, but also your "speedy post sweat, now i have to speed shower, dry off faster and hop into respectable work clothes and out the door routine." it's a lot to pack in! right now if you dumped out my gym bag, here is what you would find currently helping me in that "getting it all done" department. 

  • Ear phones // for good tunes and good daily mantas of course!
  • Klean Kanteen // a definite must for staying hydrated (and BPA free), sometimes i even add a lemon wedge to help kick start my clean eating for the day
  • Tom's Deodorant  // a good all natural brand that still does the trick for the stinky and sweaty
  • Under Armor Socks // out of all the socks i've tried, these seem to keep my feet cool and not clammy
  • Nike runners // need i say more
  • Burt's Bee's Facial Cleaning Towelettes // i use these as i'm running into the shower to clean off those pores
  • Honest Company Shampoo & Body Wash in Sweet Orange Vanilla  //  i'm all about the two and one as a way save time – this one is also green, clean and one of the best.
  • NutraSea //  before i leave the gym i always make sure to pop my vitamins and especially my healthy fish oil
  • Sephora Lush Flush Lip & Cheek Stain // once dressed and hair combed, i quickly apply this handy two in one make-up stain on my lips and apples of my cheeks to look fresh and ready for the work day 

Wise Words


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it's simple.
don't give up because it isn't easy.
keep trucking' and see how your life surprises you.

How to Take a Sauna like A Finn


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recently my local gym renovated the old locker room sauna and as a proud Finn i couldn't be happier. growing up, my Finnish family taught me and my siblings at a very early age the true art of how to take a good sauna. nothing is better at the end of a long day, or good workout than a hot sauna. no matter your level of stress, or worries, after spending time sweating it out you will undoubtably feel VERY relaxed and refreshed. you will also sleep super well. Finland is the birth place of the dry sauna ritual and i strongly believe it's key towards good health and a long life. so for any takers here are a few key notes on how to sauna like a true Finn.

1. Finn's use the sauna almost daily, and heat wise, it should be anywhere between 80-90 degrees Celsius. if you haven't taken a sauna before, make sure your start with minimal time and work your way up gradually so you don't over do it or get light headed. also, start by sitting on the bottom bench and slowly over time work your way up to the top to enjoy that full heat.

2. create some hot steam by periodically throwing a small cup sized amount of water on those hot sauna rocks to create short blasts of heat. if you find it hard to breath in the hot air, a trick is to place your tongue on the roof of your mouth and breath slowly.
image via here
3.  the hot, then the cold, then repeat method is the best ritual of the sauna by far. the trick here is to enjoy the heat for 8-10 mins allowing your body to sweat and detox. then quickly emerse yourself into cool water like a shower, lake or pool for a few seconds. this might sound unpleasant, but with your body warm from the sauna, the cool water actually feels refreshing and not as cold as you would think. then go back into the sauna and repeat another 3 or 4 times.

image via here
4. taking a sauna helps to promote good circulation in the body, but Finn's often take this to the next level by gathering up birch branches and making a "vihta". you dip it into water and gently brush or swat yourself with the bunch to relax your muscles, open the pores and increase circulation. 

5. finally complete your sauna ritual by following it up with a fresh shower to rinse, clean-up and close the pores.

sauna's are a ritual to be enjoyed by yourself, with friends or with family. if you have access to one i highly suggest you try practicing these techniques if you can to enhance your next sauna experience. i assure you, you won't be disappointed.

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